Helping Communities Create Vibrant Ecosystems

P-EcoSys implements innovative entrepreneurial practices within Latin American markets, while promoting growth-generating ecosystems.

- About Us -

Meet P-EcoSys

P-EcoSys implements impactful, Israel-based entrepreneurial practices and knowledge within Latin American markets, through a variety of cutting-edge initiatives and holistic development programs. Learn More

Supporting Local Ecosystems

We address a true need shared by Latin American markets: to harness global knowledge, local ecosystems, technological developments, proven business practices and cutting-edge methodologies, for the benefit of a better future. Learn More

Many Valuables, All Positive

We are a team of born-networkers with connections both in Israel and throughout Latin America. We know our way in Israel's cutting-edge entrepreneurial world and feel right at home in Latin America, as well. Learn More

A State-of-Mind for Success

From positive enquiry to increased entrepreneurial strengths, we are great believers in the prowess of positive psychology as a business enhancer. The P in P-EcoSys stands for positive, and we enjoy living up to our name. Learn More

Our Inspiration

If you're involved in start-ups, there isn’t much chance you haven't heard of Israeli entrepreneurship. We believe that what works in Israel can be meticulously adapted to enhance local Latin American markets. Learn More

- Our Services -

Intensive workshops and think groups in which participants develop mutual ideas and form business plans. Learn More
P-Junior Incubator
This learning program aims to motivate young students to identify their strengths, as means for perpetuating innovative ideas, while utilizing a combination of online and live methodologies. Learn More
This accelerator program targets start-up entrepreneurs, offering them intensive guidance based on mentorships, investor networking and meetings with developers, designers and other professionals. Learn More
P-I&T Incubator
This incubator program helps to construct the best model based on known methodologies, aimed at work team consolidation and fine-tuning of production and investment seeking processes, while targets potential high-impact companies. Learn More
P-EcoSys helps organize and plan high-impact events in local areas, with goals of bringing together start-ups, initiatives, investors and institutions from different countries and jumpstarting empowering ecosystem environments. Learn More
A workshop for potential investors based on in-depth discussions and practical applications on a variety of topics, including company selection, financial risk analysis and investment models. Learn More
A travel program that allows Latin American entrepreneurs and business leaders to experience cutting-edge workshops within Israel's advanced start-up environment. Learn More

- The Team -

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Our Partners and ClientsOur Partners and Clients